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News Update 2/23/2021

Hi everyone,
Well it was a cold one 🥶 at the NAMBA DISTRICT 5 TIME TRIALS in Huntsville this last weekend !
But we did have 6 records set on Saturday and a lot of testing on Sunday the wind was blowing pretty
good on Sunday.

Thank you to everyone who came to Huntsville and persevered through the cold.
A BIG Thank you to Mark Bullard for manning the clocks on Saturday and Sunday!!!!!
And also Thank you to everyone who helped to set up and tear down your help is much appreciated.



News Update 1/25/2021

NAMBA Sanctioned Event: Hosted by NAMBA District 5

Located at Brahan Spring Park, Huntsville, Alabama

Covid Requirements will be enforced per Huntsville, Alabama regulations at the time of the race date.

March 19th, 20th, 21st
Open Water Wednesday 17th - 18th


1) $10.00 Entry Fee
2) $15.00 Per Boat Fee
3) Late Entry Date: 3/10/2021 $5.00 Late Entry Fee
4) Cut-Off Date: 3/14/2021

If you are an IMPBA member only Please remember to go to the NAMBA website to fill out your SINGLE EVENT INSURANCE FORM we do not do them at the lake site anymore.


1) No Overnight RV Parking Allowed
   See NAMBA District 5 website for RV Parking and Hotel 

2) The Race will be run the same as the Florida Winter Nitro 

3) Friday and Saturday are qualifying days, Sunday is the 
   Finals with top 6 boats per class running.


Weather/Entry Permitting, Lunch will be provided on Saturday 20th.

MAIL-IN ENTRIES: Must be received by Cut-Off Date No Exceptions!

If you would like to Sponsor a Class for the Winter Nitro Championship race they are listed below the cost will be $75.00. Please Pay Pal the money to:
and email with you class choice. 
Thank you, Mark Grim


List of Classes
A OPC Tunnel - Sponsored by: The Holland Family
A MOD Tunnel - Sponsored by: Greg Rowe
B MOD Tunnel - OPEN
A MONO - Sponsored by: Richard Hartley
B MONO - Sponsored by: Brandon Model Boaters
C MONO - Sponsored by: Bob Londress
X MONO - Sponsored by: John Beardslee
A HYDRO - Sponsored by: Alan Hobbs
B HYDRO - Sponsored by: Alan Hobbs
C HYDRO - Sponsored by: Alan Hobbs
TWIN HYDRO 101 - Sponsored by: Mark Bullard
TWIN HYDRO 91 & BELOW - Sponsored by: Mark Bullard
SINGLE X HYDRO - Sponsored by: Alan Hobbs
1/2 A HYDRO - Sponsored by: Ric Wally
SPORT 21 - Sponsored by: Michael Mischnick
SPORT 40 - Sponsored by: Steve Wasylyk
SCALE UNLIMITED - Sponsored by: Walt Barney


If you have any questions please contact:
Mark Grim 714-615-9974

News Update 1/25/2021

NAMBA District 5 Heat Racing Event:  May 29th - 30th 2021
Please select ENTER RACE EVENTS from the menu above 

1) Only NAMBA Legal Classes offered
2) Please see
CLASS ENTRIES for classes offered for this event, Drivers entered and Boats entered.
3) Entry Deadline: May - Monday 17th 2021
4) No Late entries allowed! No Day of Entries Allowed.
5) If you are not a current NAMBA member Please fill in a
Single Event Insurance form on the website. The fee is $15.00 you can do this only once and then you must become a NAMBA member.
6) No Overnight RV Parking allowed in the park. Please see
Hotel and RV info under the MORE tab.
7) Classes will be run in order and pick up the next day were we left off.

8) Gift Cards will be given for 1st thru 3rd Place. 

News Update:
All NAMBA District 5 Time Trials 2021
Hi everyone,
You will need to enter the NAMBA District 5 Time Trials on the District 5 website from now on under the link
ENTER RACE EVENTS. NAMBA will be holding a Time Trial the 3rd weekend of every month weather permitting or unless a Heat Racing event is scheduled for that month. Or it interferes with another scheduled event.
The registration fee is $25.00 for the 2 day weekend and you can run as many boats as you like!
The witching hour is the last hour before dark for those of you who are within 10% of the record.
Please enter the classes you will be running in the section provided so I can set it all up in the computer the night before. That way I will be ready when you are first thing in the morning. That way I don't have 18 sets of eyes on me wanting to run boats and I don't have anything in the computer or on paper yet!
You can use PayPal or Mail - in
Thank you, Kim Grim 

1) District 5 has a website feel free to check it out!

2) We have a Forum!
    Please Log - in to the Forum under More. Thank you!
3) We have a Facebook Page! Please select the button below.

If you have anything you would like to add or an idea to make your District site better please email

See You at the Races!