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News Update:
NAMBA District 5 Heat Race APRIL 2022

The NAMBA District 5 Heat race is scheduled for April 2nd-3rd 2022

You can now enter it through the NAMBA District 5 website. 

please click here or the SHOPPING CART LINK in the MENU above.

When: April 2nd-3rd, 2022
Where: Brahan Spring Park So. Lake, 2111 Drake Av., Huntsville, AL 35805

Set-Up: 6:30 am Thursday 31st - Friday 1st
Open Water: 6:30 am Thursday 31st - Friday 1st

Drivers Meeting: 8:00 am

Start of Race: 8:30am

Entry Fee: $25.00
Per Boat Fee: $15.00

Late Entry Fee: $5.00 Late entries after 03/28/2022

Hotel and RV Accommodations can be found on the district 5 website under the More link.
Lunch Truck will be offered on-site


You can check up on who has entered the race in the:
Class Entries link on the district 5 website to keep updated.

For any questions please call: Mark Grim 714-615-9974
E Mail:

Classes Offered:


A OPC, A Mod Tunnel, B Mod Tunnel, C Mod Tunnel, A Mono, B Mono, C Mono,
X Mono, 1/2 A Hydro, A Hydro, B Hydro, C Hydro, X Hydro, Sport 20, Sport 40, Scale Unlimited, Twin Nitro Outrigger

G Limited Mono, GX-2 Outrigger, GX-2 Sport Hydro, G Limited Cat, GX-2 Cat,
G Limited Crackerbox, Open Offshore, Jersey Skiff, Gas Scale,
Classic Thunderboat, Twin Gas Outrigger, Open Tunnel


P OPC, P Mono, P Hydro, P Sport Hydro, P Catamaran, Q Mono, Q Sport Hydro, Box Stock Catamaran, P Limited OPC, P Limited Mono, P Limited Hydro,
P Limited Sport Hydro, P Limited Cat

We must receive entries in the mail no later than 1 Week Prior to Race Event.
April 2nd -3rd 2022, we will need time to print Heat Sheets etc...

Make check payable to: NAMBA District 5

Mail to: C/O Mark Bullard
P.O. Box 1041
Decatur, Alabama 35602


News Update:
NAMBA District 5 Time Trials 2022

Hi everyone,
You will need to enter the NAMBA District 5 Time Trials on the District 5 website from now on. 
Please click here or the

The Event Schedule has been updated with all of the NAMBA District 5 events throughout 2022. It has also been updated with other race events you might want to enter throughout the year. Please look at the Events Schedule page for dates and times and for any changes to event dates.

The registration fee for a NAMBA Time Trial is $25.00 for the 2-day event weekend and you can run as many boats as you like! The witching hour is the last hour before dark for those of you who are within 10% of the record. Please enter the classes you will be running in the section provided so I can set it all up in the computer the night before. That way I will be ready when you are first thing in the morning. That way I don't have 18 sets of eyes on me wanting to run boats and I don't have anything in the computer or on paper yet!

Our website uses PayPal or Mail - in check. If using Mail-In check please get it to Mark Bullard our NAMBA treasurer prior to the event.  The Heat race entry PDF is on the 
Thank you, Kim Grim 

1) District 5 has a website feel free to check it out!

2) We have a Forum!
    Please Log - in to the Forum under More. Thank you!
3) We have a Facebook Page! Please select the button below.


New Time Trial Records are Posted on the District Points page to view!

If you have anything you would like to add or an idea to make your District site better please email