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District 5 Racing Rules


General Racing Rules



General NAMBA Racing Rules:

A 1/2 Course Mill will be used and is allowed up until 5 seconds of start.

All bouy Infractions:

A 1 lap penalty will be assessed when a boat cut inside a course marker or when the boat jumps over or makes an obvious hit on a buoy. No penalty will be assessed for a boat that touches a buoy on the outside that causes no damage or displacement.

A one lap penalty occurs when 1 or more buoys are cut on a turn or when a straight-away marker is cut. Offending boats must yield right-of-way to others on the course when re-entering.

Lap penalties will be assessed during pit time, mill time and race time, If a buoy is cut after the boat has finished it's part of the race Then the boat will receive a 100 point reduction in earned points for that heat.

If the driver has completed the heat in 5th or 6th place He or she will be awarded 50 points for that heat.
During the last five seconds of Clock Time, boats passing the buoy marking the end of mill must steer a straight course and observe driver safety in selecting lanes. Ziggzagging, "S" turn, or fishtailing to delay crossing the start line will draw a driver infraction with either a one lap penalty or possible disqualification.

Nitro class clarification

A     2.116 cc to 3.509 cc
B     3.51 cc  to 7.509 cc
c      7.501 cc  to 11.009 cc
X     11.01 cc  to 35.00 cc

A OPC Tunnel and B OPC Tunnel

Will be run as Stock Out of the Box Engines Only!
(K & B 3.5 and OS Max 3.5 and K & B 7.5 Engines) All other engines will be run in the MOD Classes!

Will be run with the Original Motor and Speed Control that comes in the boat. These two classes are the Ready to Run Boats on the market today. PROBOAT’S V3 29” BRUSHLESS MISS GEICO CAT (PRBO8009), BLACKJACK (PROBO8011) or VELES (PROBO8029) and the UL-19 (PROBO8028) 30” BRUSHLESS HYDROPLANE. All other P LIMITED classes will be run under normal NAMBA rules.

In all Stock Classes will be Impounded following the last round and the Engines will be Torn Down!

Boat Hulls
All boats must be NAMBA Rule Book Legal and ARE subject to Inspection. Per the NAMBA President and the NAMBA Sport Chairman, IMPBA Sport 40 Boats will be run in the NAMBA Sport 40-2 class.

All boats must have a NAMBA Number

  1. Thunderboats, must have a Sponsored paint scheme with a sponsored ID's and a U Number on the boat. The boat must have a Human Driver figure in the front or rear cockpit. Nothing on the boat may be more than 5 1/4 inches beyond the transom. The boat must run with an engine cowling or dummy engine to cover as much of the engine as possible.

  2. Jersey Skiff, must have a JS followed by your NAMBA Number on both sides of Hull. Minimum height of 3 inches.

  3. Crackerbox Hulls, The bottom must be generally flat with a maximum of a three degree V across the full width of the transom.
    No parts (rudder, props, plates) may be more that four inches behind the transom.

For any questions:
Mark Grim
Phone: 256-951-4150
Cell: 714-615-9974

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